Bentley Home introduces an elegant collection where the luxury of materials and upholstery is combined with a contemporary design. The designer Carlo Colombo presents a line of furniture and accessories which is a superb reinterpretation of the Bentley codes, enhancing the savoir faire and excellence of Italian manufacture.
The Bentley Home collection features a global lifestyle revealing the office and night areas from the living. For the first time the centre of the presentation is distinguished by the kitchen environment: this is where the Buxton project is set up, a couture kitchen featured by the richness of materials and the dynamism of surfaces.
The design of the collection focuses on the study of proportions and shapes, defining concepts which are balanced and rational in their volumes, yet rich in details. New patterns and sinuous geometries are emphasized by metal details inspired by the interiors of the new Bentley GT Continental, as in the new Bampton sofa, whose silhouette is highlighted by a metallic profile.