A Conversation with Interior Designer Hernan Arriaga

Luxury Living Furnishes Penthouse at One Thousand Museum with Interior Designer Hernan Arriaga

Luxury Living recently sat down with Interior Designer Hernan Arriaga to learn more about his design for the Penthouse model unit at One Thousand Museum designed by Zaha Hadid.

Let’s start with the impressive architecture of this building. How did Zaha Hadid’s design impact your vision for the interiors?

It was always my main focus to respect the existing architecture, I kept every column exposed as an example to mention. Her work is incredible, someone I admired and respect so much. Working in this building means a lot more to me that I could ever explain in words.


How did you decide to work with Luxury Living on this particular residence?

I love Luxury Living, I think it has the perfect approach for a sophisticated, elegant, and elevated interiors in every one of their brands. When I was approached by the OTM developer, I didn’t hesitate. I knew it was the perfect match for the project.

What was the inspiration behind the interiors for the residence?

The residence is in one of Miami’s most incredible architectural sculptures, the spaces are so grand, expansive and challenging.  It also has the most magnificent 360 degrees Miami views.  My inspiration was a very exclusive, but yet contemporary and comfortable interior that expresses charm, warmth, style, world-class knowledge and taste from the moment you enter the residence until the second you leave.


Describe the mood in the residence?

The mood is young, sophisticated, but yet comfortable and inviting.

If you had to choose, what is your favorite room in the residence?

It is never a room for me, it is the over all of the home that makes a difference.

Of course there is always a room or two that calls for the most attention, the master suite and the living room are those two for me in this case, but isn’t it like that in most places ?


How did you incorporate the city views into the layout of the furnishings?

Challenging, I know, but not impossible, especially if I’m using such a sophisticated furniture line.

Doing such a large residence successfully is not a job anyone can accomplish; especially if you are at a 50th floor with uninterrupted views everywhere. You need a lot of knowledge and experience to be able to not only interpret each space, but also unifying it all as a cozy and welcoming home for people to live and love for many years.