Noire armchair

The Bugatti identity embodies the design of the Noire armchair, a tribute to the French automotive history.
Noire is inspired by the spectacular elegance of the car, as seen in its profile and unlike any other, identifies the spirit of Jean Bugatti: the legendary Type 57 SC Atlantic Coupé.
The sinuous and aerodynamic curves of the Noire trace Bugatti's history from its origins to the most recent hyper sport cars. The stylistic elements of the iconic Voiture Noire, a modern re-interpretation of the Type 57 SC Atlantic Coupé, inspire the details of the armchair designed by Chafik Gasmi. Starting from the dorsal "fin" of the supercar, reinterpreted on the backrest through to the unmistakable lines of the Bugatti radiator suggested in the Noire shell.
Upholstered in leather. EB logo printed on the back.