The New Bentley Home Advertising Campaign



A journey through imagination and beauty

Bentley Motors and Luxury Living Group present the new Bentley Home advertising campaign to be published from April 2019 through the major international furniture, design and lifestyle publications.

Inspired by the precious beauty of Bentley Home furnishings and Italy – where the Collection is produced in its entirety, thanks to the creative and manufacturing capability of Luxury Living Group – the new campaign is a highly imaginative interpretation of the codes expressing the Bentley Motors brand.

Bentley Home’s free, explorative and extraordinary identity is expressed along with outstanding Italian savoir-faire through a piece that has become the symbol of the Collection: the Mere armchair designed by Carlo Colombo, suspended between the sky, sea and land in a timeless, almost dreamlike dimension.

The tapered upholstered lines in larch wood are reflected on the surface, creating interplays of vibrant colours and clear-cut contrasts. The travel theme evokes the Grand Tours undertaken in Goethe’s time by young future rulers, artists and writers who went to seek out culture across the continent. A literary journey envisaged by Bentley Home to be made whilst comfortably seated in an armchair, suspended above the world enjoying a moment in time (if this isn’t luxury, what is?).

This journey of discovery starts in Sicily, in the Gulf of Palermo, before making landfall in places that symbolise Italian beauty, creating a red thread of passion, exploration and beauty: values that Bentley Motors and Luxury Living Group, share and that reflect the strong and successful partnership between the two companies.

On another level, the creative concept of the campaign ultimately echoes the materials at the heart of Bentley Motors:  in the veneer finishes but also, even more explicitly, in the wide-open setting of the picture. Just as a luxurious Bentley car engages passionately and elegantly with nature, the Mere armchair wins over a landscape with its enveloping, prestigious harmony.

In his book “Italian Journey”, Goethe describes his wonder as he discovers Italy, in particular Sicily. This feeling is revived in the image of the Bentley Home campaign: “The purity of the contours, the softness of everything, the yielding exchange of colours, the harmonious unity of the sky with the sea and the sea with the land… those who have seen them once, will possess them for a lifetime”.