A completely biological process able to absorb pollutants with the equivalent force of 276 oak trees. From U-Earth Biotech’s vision, tenacity and outstanding capability to deliver comes Pure Air Zone technology: a series of biotech devices able to capture through molecular charge attraction any type of contaminant regardless of its size and digest it naturally by feeding it to harmless, concentrated, extremely potent bacteria.  

In 2019 Luxury Living Group and U-Earth launched Amadahy Luxe (Amadahy in the Cherokee language = forest of water), a bioreactor in the Pure Air Zone family with functional features very much like those of the other U-Earth products, but sporting an impeccable livery. Amadahy Luxe has been designed so that one or several devices can be fitted into every project developed by the Group or in the home of anyone who wants one.

Luxury Living Group – increasingly oriented towards sustainability – has the exclusive B2C distribution rights for Amadahy Luxury Living Group throughout the world, both directly and through its network of dealers.U-Earth



The Group is completing its transition to the use of renewable energy in 100% of its European locations and is studying ways of switching from single-use petroleum-based packaging to totally biodegradable materials. Since 2018 the Group has supported One Ocean Foundation, which campaigns to reduce ocean littering and its disastrous consequences on marine ecosystems. In terms of environmentally sustainable development, Luxury Living Group is the first Group in the furniture industry to make its Stores, offices and manufacturing sites 100% Pure Air Zones. All Luxury Living Hospitality projects will be certified Pure Air Zones.


Luxury Living Group in the New York store, at 153 Madison Avenue built the first BRAIN SPA in collaboration with U-earth. It is a space where you can breathe an air purified of all impurities and pollutants and be carried away by a multi-sensory experience based binaural tones.


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